Sale, Acquisition and Research of Residential and Commercial Properties and Land

CMHC Insured Mortgage

Capital RLH has the CMHC approved lender status that greatly facilitates the process of financing all types of multi-residential housing for our clients/investors.

Conventional First or Second Ranking Mortgages

Long term, short term, fixed rate and floating rate Capital RLH will structure any type of conventional first and second rank mortgage.

Mezzanine Type Financing and Joint Venture Loan

Capital RLH can structure a mezzanine or a joint venture loan with private funds to reduce the initial investment or simply the risk for your development needs.

Retail Properties (Neighbourhood and Regional Centers)

Capital RLH can provide construction and long term loan to a wide variety of retails properties.

Residences for Autonomous Senior Citizens and Congregate Care

With our CMHC approved lender status we can help the client/investor with is development or refinance needs.

Condominium Construction Loan

Capital RLH has acquired a vast expertise in condominium construction loans. We provide advice from the start of project till the last disbursement from the lender.

Condominium Inventory Loan

Capital RLH can provide the financing solution for your unsold units to create leverage and withdraw equity injected in the project to repay the existing construction loan.

Land Development Loan

Capital RLH can structure and provide a land development and land servicing loan at any stage of your project whether it’s raw or with infrastructures.

Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings and Hotels

Capital RLH can provide and assist the clients in the process of financing any other type of commercial properties;
Office (class A, B and C)
Industrial (single tenant, multi-tenant and industrial condo)
Hotel, Motel and Resort
Golf course and Sports facilities