Capital RLH provides residential and commercial brokerage services and consulting services for all types of commercial real estate properties.

Capital RLH is one of the leaders in innovative structures for mortgage financing providing assistance to borrowers and investors. Capital RLH developed financing programs which differentiate it from the competition.

In the current market context, the real estate broker has to have access to innovative tools allowing it to offer all the flexibility wanted to personalize the financing of practically all types of commercial and residential real estate projects. For that purpose, our team of experts can help you to structure the financing solution most adapted to your needs and to those of your customers.

Beyond the mere fact of providing financing services, our expertise is available to you to assist in project development, acquisitions, property research, valuation of asset and debt for individual properties and portfolios, market studies and various consulting assignments.

Our expertise covers more than thirty years of various real estate financing and property analysis for all types of real estate.